Seasonal Tokens: Spring’s price rises rapidly after the halving

Mining of all four Seasonal Tokens started on Sept. 5, 2021. Nine months later, at the beginning of June, the first halving took place. The rate of production of Spring tokens was cut in half. Before the halving, there were 168 Spring tokens produced by proof-of-work mining every 10 minutes. There are now 84 Spring tokens produced every 10 minutes, along with 140 Summer tokens, 120 Autumn tokens and 105 Winter tokens.

Spring was previously produced at the fastest rate of the four tokens and is now produced at the slowest rate. Spring was the cheapest of the four tokens, but in less than two months since the halving, Spring has risen above Summer and Autumn and is now close to the price of Winter.

The tokens were designed so that their prices would oscillate around each other over the course of years. Once every nine months, the token that’s produced at the fastest rate becomes the slowest. The token that’s the cheapest to produce becomes the most expensive.

They’ve been designed this way to allow investors to continually increase the total number of tokens they own by trading the more expensive tokens for the cheaper ones, which will become the most expensive later on, allowing the investors to trade again.

Over the last nine months, investors who traded the more expensive tokens for the cheaper ones ended up with a lot of Spring tokens. With the price of Spring already exceeding Summer and Autumn, those investors can now trade Spring for Summer or Autumn and gain more tokens in total once again.

By following the rule of always trading tokens for more tokens of a different type, an investor can guarantee that the total number of tokens in the investment will go up with every trade and will never go down. It eliminates the risk of making a trading loss, measured in tokens.

The four different tokens are equally valuable in the long term, because whichever one is the most expensive will keep rotating. Today, they have different prices because they have different rates of production. Investors can take advantage of today’s price differences to trade tokens for more tokens of a different type and can continue to accumulate tokens over time as the prices oscillate around each other.

The Spring halving is a landmark event in the history of the Seasonal Tokens project. Before the halving, the prices were stable relative to each other, and now they’ve been set into motion. Spring can be expected to rise in price until the market has adjusted to its new rate of production. With nine months between the Spring and Summer halvings, there’s plenty of time for the market to respond and for the price of Spring to rise.

Because Seasonal Tokens is the first attempt to produce reliable oscillations in token prices for the benefit of investors, the project is an experiment, and the price charts will be watched closely over the coming weeks and months to see how effective the halvings are at driving the oscillations in price. Before now, nobody knew how long the Spring price would take to respond to the cut in supply or how fast it would rise when it did.

The increase in the Spring price over the last few weeks has been dramatic. It remains to be seen whether this is a fluctuation or if it truly takes only a few months of reduced supply to bring a token from being the cheapest of the four to being the most expensive. As time goes on, and as more halvings take place, the evolving prices will provide an insight into the speed and reliability of market responses to these events.

For investors, the initial results appear very promising. Spring’s price has certainly responded to the halving, and that response has made it possible for investors to increase their holdings once again by trading tokens for more tokens. This allows the investment to grow in value over time without relying on the performance of the market. Gaining more tokens over time is a better investment strategy than simply holding the tokens one owns and hoping that their prices in dollars will rise.

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