Metaverse Gains Favor in South Korea, YooShi Occupies Korean Market with Its Incubated Blockchain Games

Recently, the crypto asset market remains in the doldrums, which greatly affects the originally hot Metaverse blockchain game sector. But paying too much attention to the market will narrow the vision, and the Metaverse has formed great potential in the larger external market. Looking at the world, not only technology giants have begun to expand the layout of the Metaverse, but the governments are also supporting the development of the Metaverse industry in terms of policies. It is reported that on January 20, the Korean Ministry of Science and Technology announced a five-year Metaverse strategic plan to promote the development of the Metaverse platform in the fields of games, culture and art, with the goal of increasing Korea’s share of the global metaverse market to fifth place from the current 12th. The popularity of the Metaverse will continue, so how should ordinary people seize the opportunity?

Just one day before the South Korean government announced the Metaverse strategic plan, the “NFT SEOUL 2022” conference hosted by KONCA was grandly held in Seoul, South Korea on January 19. “NFT SEOUL 2022” is one of the most influential and largest NFT conferences in Korea. In addition to the insights shared by many experts or senior practitioners in related fields, the metaverse projects, including the blockchain game metaverse platform YooShi and its incubated blockchain game DNAxCAT and StarMon, appeared on this conference have also become the focus of attention.

The main reason YooShi has always been getting so much attention from the media and the community lies in its outstanding market performance in the past period of time. YooShi, which was born in 2021, has well seized the trend of Meme coin and the chance of metaverse. Also, Yooshi’s ecological development has gradually grown from the original Meme coin to a blockchain game metaverse platform with YooShi Games, YooShi Labs and P2E Guild Alliance as the core architecture.

At present, YooShi community has more than 450,000 users, NFT transaction volume has exceeded 130 million US dollars, and the market value of the project has once entered the top 100 crypto asset in the world. At the same time, as the first GameFi LaunchPad on BSC, the blockchain games DNAxCAT and StarMon incubated by YooShi also allow players deeply feel the charm of Play to Earn. Judging from various data, YooShi’s rapid development has also brought huge returns to the early participants of the ecosystem.

In terms of strategic development, YooShi indicated that it will not stop here through its market behaviours such as helding the “Metaverse Hackathon” jointly with Metaverse Alliance, reaching a cooperation with Japan’s largest NFT platform OVO, and participating in the “NFT SEOUL 2022” conference in South Korea. YooShi is actively planning ahead to seize the global market, and is also looking for high-quality game developers to cooperate to launch more high-quality blockchain game projects. If you are truly optimistic about the future development of the metaverse, then YooSh will be the most noteworthy platform.

YooShi also provides various ways for ordinary people to participate in and enjoy the dividends of the metaverse development, including YooShi Mining Pool 3.0 with a new $10 trillion YOOSHI prize pool, Farms 2.0 with APR up to 300%, and GameFi LaunchPad with a hundredfold wealth effect. The three economic model systems of the bottom layer, product layer and ecological layer created by YooShi can bring continuous benefits to $YOOSHI and YooShi Family NFT holders through reasonable income distribution, and the next IGO of YooShi GameFi LaunchPad has been eagerly expected by community members.

Throughout the history of YooShi’s development, whether its development from Meme coin to blockchain games metaverse platform, or occupation of Korean market in the reshuffle stage of the GameFi sector with its incubated blockchain games DNAxCAT and StarMon, these forward-looking strategic layout shows that YooShi’s success is no accident. The Metaverse has become the trend of the times and is irresistible. In such a deterministic market, the YooShi ecology may soon usher in a new round of greater outbreaks.


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