The King of Blockchain Game StarMon is Coming, Strategies for Beginners of Play to Earn

According to official sources, StarMon will go live on December 29, 2021. If you missed out on a lot of opportunities in 2021, don’t miss StarMon that is very likely to become the first blockchain game to take off in 2022!

  1. Project Introduction

StarMon is a blockchain metaverse built based on blockchain technology and token economy. Players can capture, train and breed a variety of Starmon NFTs in StarMon to venture, fight and earn crypto assets on the continent of Andres. StarMon gameplay is similar to the world-renowned mobile game Pokémon GO. With high-quality 3D production, a grand world view and a variety of Play to Earn gameplay, StarMon bring all players an unprecedented experience.

StarMon Website

2. Preparation.

  1. MetaMask, TokenPocket, TrustWallet and other wallets that support BSC;
  2. More than 1 BNB funds in personal BSC address to prepare (the minimum cost of 3 Starmons is about 1 BNB, the specific price is subject to the real-time market)
  3. Enter the StarMon trading market, click Login in the upper right corner to bind the wallet.

StarMon Marketplace

  1. Starmon selection and purchase

Players need to prepare 3 Starmons to participate in StarMon’s Play to Earn. Since each Starmon has different appearance, elemental attributes, ability values, skills, characters and talents, etc., the setting of StarMon is delicate and complex, and the relatively high learning cost with it. To help beginners to get started quickly, we provide different strategies and schemes for players with different needs.

  1. Low-cost gameplay

The gameplay is aimed at players who want to participate in StarMon at the lowest cost and earn GST by completing adventure levels, daily tasks, etc. The low-cost gameplay is relatively easy to get started, you can quickly find the starmon with the lowest price by sorting the price from lowest to highest in the Starmon trading market.

Players who choose low-cost gameplay don’t need to consider the ability value, skills and talents when selecting Starmons, just try to select three Starmons of different races. Judging from the current Starmon market, the cost of low-cost gameplay can be kept under 1 BNB.

With the lowest investment, low-cost gameplay also has relatively few revenues of Play to Earn and a relatively single gameplay.

  1. Normal gameplay

The investment of normal gameplay is moderate, and the income can basically reach the mainstream level after a short period of transition. At the same time, the game experience will be greatly improved compared with the low-cost gameplay. When selecting Starmons, players who choose normal gameplay need to pay attention to their abilities, evolution, potential, and skills.

Starmons of the same race have relatively fixed abilities, while varies from Starmon to Starmon. Equally, Starmon race with high quality will have high total ability values and the strong combat ability. Within the scope of budget, players can choose Starmons with higher ability values as much as possible. Also, players need to view more specific information in the Starmon details.

Starmon’s evolution level, which is divided into S, A, B and C, mainly affects the cost of evolution. The higher the evolution level, the less the same kind of Starmons are consumed when evolving, while Starmon at level C cannot evolve. The full score of Starmon’s potential value is 60, the higher, the better.  Starmon whose potential value is more than 40 can be assessed as the medium and high level.

Starmon’s abilities can be roughly divided into four categories: attack skills, tank skills, healing skills, and auxiliary skills. Each Starmon has four skills, which also have elemental attributes. Starmon whose skill attributes are consistent with itself will get additional 20% power. Similarly, skill elements follow the element restraint rule. Put these two together, it would be a great choice if most of the 4 skills of Ninja shown in the picture are fire elemental skills (power bonus) or all skills belongs to different elemental skills (wide range of restraint). Last but not least, do not use more than two passive or Buff skills out of the four, otherwise the range of the attack restraint will be greatly reduced.

  1. Competitive gameplay

The delicate settings of StarMon give its gameplay infinite possibilities. Daily ranking bonus from StarMon’s PVP arena not only allows high-end competitive players have fun in strategic confrontations, but also provides a good return on their investment. In addition to the above mentioned races, skills, potential values and evolution levels, competitive players need to pay attention to the talent and characters when selecting Starmon.

The talent has a huge impact on the Starmon’s combat and can be seen as a potentially passive ability for Starmon. Here are a few examples:

A: Sharp’s attribute is wood, which fears fire skills most. If it possesses the Ignition talent, it will be immune to fire attacks, and can increase its power if it possesses fire skill.

B: Emperor has a total ability of 480, the highest of all races. With balanced physical attack and special attack, if Emperor has the talent of Freedom, it can convert its skills to the same attributes, acquiring an additional 20% bonus to skill damage.

C: Sword is an extremely rare talent, which can double the physical attack of a Starmon. If Sharp, who has 114 physical attack, is combined with the talent of Sword, it can kill almost any Starmon in seconds with its physical skills.

D: As to weather and force fields, etc., Grass field talent can increase the power of wood skills and heal wood Starmons. Plant equipped with this talent and the ultimate drain ability, which regenerates half of its HP per turn, can hardly be killed if there is no opponents with restrained attribute or other special situations.

The above are just a few examples of the combination of Starmon skills and talents, and there are many gameplays for players to study and develop. The character of a Starmon increases or decreases the abilities of a Starmon by 10%, which is relatively insignificant. Based on the above information, the priority of each information indicator of the Starmon can be: talent > skill > race > potential value > evolution level > character.

The above content is for reference only. StarMon also has a complete system of evolution, talent resetting, skill resetting, potential resetting, etc. Players who are not satisfied with their Starmons can improve through these functions.

  1. Efficient gold farming strategy

Participating in StarMon’s Play to Earn is mainly to obtain in-game token GST rewards, which generally includes the following ways (the specific parameters are subject to the official launch of the game):

  1. Adventure, with HP, players can get GST rewards from each pass of a level, the more difficult the level, the more rewards will be. No more than 100 GST per day.
  2. Adventure chapter rewards, players will have a star level assessment when passing the level, players can receive the corresponding GST rewards in the Chapel Rewards interface when reaching a new star level.
  3. Arena, with HP, each victory will get a certain GST and points reward.
  4. Daily Tasks, complete the login, 10 adventures and 5 arena victories to get 20 GST.
  5. Arena ranking rewards, a certain amount of daily GST rewards for the top player in competitive points ranking.

The most efficient way for low-cost players is to participate in adventures firstly when having HP, and unlock later levels by constantly upgrading. Then participate in the Arena and achieve 5 victories to qualify for the daily task rewards. In addition, players can participate in arena when having HP if opponents in this mode is difficult to defeat, by lowering the points ranking to match the suitable opponent. Although similar to low-cost players in Play to Earn, normal players can get more rewards in adventure mode. Competitive players can pay extra attention to the ranking of competitive points, and participate more in arena and win more when having HP, to qualify for ranking rewards.

That’s all for getting involved in StarMon’s Play to Earn. The metaverse wave is just beginning, and the sooner you participate in the metaverse blockchain game StarMon, the more chances you have to get more bang for your buck.


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