Introducing Convival’s AAA Tower Defence Game, Where Even Non-NFT Players Can Earn Points

One of the first decentralised tower defence Web3 games, Convival, has announced a real-time battle game where players would have their favourite Sci-Fi characters and use the platform without NFT., which is an integration of blockchain and Web3, lets players construct battle decks for real-time battles. These battles can also be played with users’ favourite characters from Robot Sci-Fi. The game is designed to use a Play-to-Earn model instead of the traditional method of selling and selling games. 

A company official explained the game’s mechanics by providing each player with eight standard cards from its lowest level. Each character and each card will be treated as an individual NFT unit. The game will also have an ERC-20 token currency known as $Bliss. All transactions within the game will be conducted using this currency. 

Moreover, Convival plans to offer a marketplace where players can trade NFTs and their character and upgrade cards. To enable users to trade NFTs directly from their metamask wallet, they need to connect their wallet to metamask. 

As for the game’s multiplayer model, Convival explained that it is a F2P play-to-earn MetaFi game that integrates Cryptoeconomics. As a reward, players will receive coins after each match. According to Convival’s whitepaper, players will be able to enjoy the game and earn rewards with no balance, unlike traditional games. 

As a way to attract more players, Convival has also announced leagues, guild leagues, tournaments, championships, and rivalries. After every match, trophies are awarded to players according to their performance. The trophies will serve as a basis for league and championship placement for these players. 

While explaining about staking, the company said that there are two core pools that will allow users to deposit tokens and get CVL tokens which will have a pool weight of 0.2. Users will be free to choose the duration and the number of tokens they want to deposit. 

Following the completion of phase one, the company will let the community decide what updates they should implement through DAO voting. Smart contracts will power the Convival DAO, allowing its users to vote with their gCVL tokens.

In accordance with its roadmap, Convival has begun the implementation of its go-to-market strategy. As part of the development process, the company intends to finish the gameplay and mechanics of the game by the 2nd quarter of 2022, followed by the finalisation of the features. Moreover, Tokenomics, character designs, and a mini teaser are also nearing completion, along with Convival Fi (Vesting, Staking, and Decentralised Autonomous Organizations). 

An NFT marketplace will be launched in Q3 of 2022, followed by a first NFT sale. Convival will start preparing for this phase in Q3 of 2022. As part of the current release schedule, the game will be released in Q4 of 2022 for community testing, and private testing will begin shortly after that. Besides treasure chests, players will also be able to buy other equipment through the NFT marketplace. 

About Convival

This free Play 2 Earn Tower Defense game takes place in a sci-fi world where robots are used for sport. In addition to conventional multiplayer gameplay, the game will also include elements from the NFT and Metaverse. With experience in Web3, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrencies, Convival has members from around the globe.

Media Contact:

Name – Harshit Singh 

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Company Name – Convival Foundation

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