AppZaloot: A Disruptive Social Media App Puts Social Back into Local

AppZaloot: A Disruptive Social Media App Puts Social Back into Local

Many of us enjoy the convenience of using social media to stay in touch with our friends and family network. Well there is no free lunch in life, the services come at a price. Traditional social media gather our information and create hyper-targeted advertising which generates the majority of revenue. These are invasive ads, which are irritating and can interfere with the experience. 

Furthermore, existing e-commerce and delivery services lack appealing and tangible rewards to motivate their customers for this.  Faced with this situation, users yearn for a different option. And this is the reason why AppZaloot has been developed.

AppZaloot is a new social media platform, a disruptive app that will refine community interactions. AppZaloot aims to enable location-based information sharing that transforms the social media landscape and current delivery platforms.

Our team is committed to promoting compassion, not greed, to benefit the many, not the few. AppZaloot’s mission is to link and empower local communities on a global scale. It takes the idea of corporate social responsibility to a higher level by enabling positive change towards the common good of humanity and our environment and giving back to communities through the platform.

Features that set AppZaloot apart

  • Location-based social media app: AppZaloot offers location-specific information to users. This feature enables users to connect with people around their local and selected areas. With AppZaloot, users can share news, recommendations and access real-time information relevant to them. It is also a great way to connect with the local communities wherever you travel around the world.
  • Local, global, friends based feed: AppZaloot has 3 separate feeds, local where you choose your radius to find out what’s going on around you. Friends, a place for you to connect with your friends anywhere in the world with no advertising in the feed.  Then the Global feed which is a place to follow your favorite celebrity, sports club, Influencer etc.
  • A dedicated advertising feed designed around geolocation: This feature enables users to find location-specific advertising from various traders within the local area, including last minute special offers.
  • Emergency Alert System: the emergency alert feature enables local councils or Emergency Departments to alert users of any localised problems. Through these announcements, users can take appropriate action to remain safe. Emergencies can range from those involving weather, accidents, fire to a missing child.  This alert system works anywhere you travel in the world.
  • Part of the revenue goes to active local community-based projects: a specific percentage of advertising revenue goes to local communities. Further development of the app will enable community members to create and vote on projects to receive funds.

Zaloots Token (ZLOOT)

AppZaloot’s utility token is Zaloots, and holders of this token can enjoy the features available on AppZaloot. Zaloots is a BEP20 token connected to Binance Smart Chain.

For settlements on AppZaloot’s multi-level rewards program, Zaloots will be the payment choice. The token will enable each app user to earn money based on their behaviors. Zaloots will also benefit users and advertisers when carrying out transactions. Besides being a utility token of AppZaloot’s ecosystem, the Zaloots token will be an instrument for community governance.  

In October, Zaloots will be listed on three decentralized exchanges. Upon completion of the IDO, the token will be distributed amongst the company founders, Keystone, pre-sale, and IDO buyers.

Token Distribution

Token amount: 1,000,000,000

Limited Keystone sale: 25,000,000 @0.03$USD subdivided as follows:

  • 10% unlocked upon listing
  • 30% unlocked 3 months after listing
  • 30% unlocked 6 months after listing
  • 30% unlocked 9 months after listing

Pre-sale: 100,000,000 @0.05$USD; subdivided as follows:

  • 20% unlocked after listing
  • Linear unlock 10% per month till 8 months after listing

Main sale: 375,000,000 @0.08$USD, no locking.

The  keystone is open now. Register here: Click Here.

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